Orangestore Porta-Potty

Orangestore, a major gas station and convenience store chain in eastern Canada, is known for its clean bathrooms (among other things) and they came to us looking for a way to engage the community in a fun way while still declaring their quest to provide the cleanest bathrooms around. We decided to do this by targeting community events with a creative concept — a deluxe Orangestore-branded porta-potty.

The Porta-Potty

The Orangestore porta-potty easily out-performed the standard porta-potties at the community events we attended, thus proving our point: Orangestore bathrooms are indeed a step above the rest! The concept gained local and national coverage at its very first event and was a big hit with the ladies — our target audience — largely because of the working toilet, change table and squeaky clean interior!

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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