Café Orange

The Convenience Food Innovators

In 2023, we created a campaign for Orangestore — Café Orange that positioned their latest hot-food offerings as innovations as inventive as the latest Smartphone. The campaign included online video, radio, billboards, and POS signage.

OTT Online Video and Radio

For the online video, we partnered with local animation experts, Stellar Boar, to shine a light on Orangestore’s star innovation: The Cheeseburger Dog. 3D effects, dramatic lighting, and a banging music track were used to give the spot all the gravitas of a tech product launch. A movie trailer VO was used to add to the drama-dy.





Big, Bold Billboards

Billboards at key locations and oversized “Lawn Signs” on-site featured (much) larger-than-life food products, paired with headline zingers to tickle tummies and tease tastebuds.

POS (Point of Salivation)

Posters, window decals, pump signage, and other POS materials were used in fun and interesting ways to tempt those filling up their cars to also fill up themselves with Orangestore’s latest food offerings.

The Results: ‘Dog Gone!

Word soon got around that Cheeseburger Dogs, Chicken Roller Bites, and Chili Cheese Nachos were flying out of Orangestore locations across the island – just like the latest iPhone from the local tech store! Our innovative campaign had proven a satisfying success.


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