North Atlantic & Orangestore Results

Our story begins with Jeff Burton, the Marketing Manager at North Atlantic. Jeff was looking for a versatile agency that could do the A-Z and work closely alongside him and his team. We applied and in 2016, Jeff hired Upstream to be North Atlantic’s agency of record. (Thank you again, Jeff).



Wonderment & Awe

Initially, Jeff needed help competing with the heavy hitters in the home heat market. Consumer insights pointed to simplicity and ease of access as the most valued traits by home heat customers. The strategy emphasized a precision ad campaign highlighting North Atlantic’s local presence and easy service access through direct mail and Google AdWords. We supplemented with radio and programmatic display ads messaging North Atlantic’s competitive cost. In less than a year, North Atlantic reported an 84% increase in new home heat propane accounts on the west coast when comparing Q3 of 2016 to Q3 of 2017. Great start eh?


The Amazingness Continues

Fresh off the home heat success, Jeff asked us to re-imagine the Orangestores—North Atlantic’s chain of 19 convenience stores. In a matter of months, we completely redesigned the visual identity of the stores, from new interiors and canopies to gas pumps and pylon signs. We built a website too, designed uniforms, and launched a campaign to educate people on the benefits of collecting YAY! points—North Atlantic’s customer loyalty program. And yes, we built a luxury porta-potty.

The Porta-Potty Diaries

Consumer research pointed to the Orangestores’ reputation for clean bathrooms, so we recommended what everyone else was already thinking (maybe not). Build a mega Orangestore-branded, deluxe porta potty and park it at major public events. The potty garnered local and national news coverage at the very first event. It was a big hit with women too—our target audience—and now Jeff spends all his time fielding requests for the Orangestore porta-potty to appear at community events.

But Wait, There's More!

When Jeff meant A-Z, he meant A-Z. At his bidding, we’ve designed door hangars and business cards, created NASCAR promos, booklet ads, LinkedIn icons, GUZZ’L flavour identities, holiday greeting cards, tire inflator decals, newsletters, online videos, and performed quick turns on fuel truck re-designs, cup logos, calendars, tourist maps, placemat ads, coffee cards, and print ads, just to name just a few. The point is this – Jeff needed an agency that could roll up their sleeves and go on a multi-year quest to overhaul North Atlantic’s marketing and communications from end to end and we’re doing just that. So Jeff, what’s next?


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