Anthony Insurance

Way back in 2009, Peter Buckingham, the Marketing Manager at Anthony Insurance, arrived on our doorstep looking for a new agency. Some contract work ensued, the phones lit up like a Christmas tree and we’ve been working with them ever since.

How'd We'd Do It?

Right off the bat we recognized Anthony’s insurance policies held exceptional value, but our initial research found most home and car owners go for years without getting a competing quote. We also found that brand loyalty disappeared when customers learned they could get equal or better coverage with savings of $350+ per year. We kept digging and discovered that customers assumed getting a quote from Anthony would take 30+ minutes and lots of paperwork. Armed with these insights, we rolled out a multi-pronged strategy for a TV, radio, print, mail and directory campaign for getting quick quotes and saving money.

A Star is Born

Over the last nine years we’ve continued to drill down into new customer segments, re-calibrating the strategy to include cinema, digital, outdoor, social, guerilla, and online video content. The through-line in it all is highlighting real Anthony customers and their savings. But the real turning point was when we introduced the phone booth. Yes, the 9′ high, full-scale, British-style phone booth. We lugged it from pillar to post, all the while inviting people to get in and get a quote from Anthony Insurance. The campaign caught on like hot cakes and the phone booth has been at the center of Anthony Insurance’s marketing ever since.

Up, Up, and Away!

In short, the whole thing has been a smashing success. Especially the time the top of the phone booth blew off and smashed into a thousand pieces on the highway. Seriously though, since 2009, Anthony Insurance has seen a 113% increase in new policy counts. #micdrop



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