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A few examples of our work

Modern Learning Solutions Provider

Working with national and international organizations to make their workforce safer, more productive, and future-ready.

Chamber of Commerce Supporting Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Providing networking, advocacy, educational, and business opportunities to businesses for over 30 years.

Risk Management SaaS Solutions Provider

Empowering risk managers & senior management at over 150 companies across North America in planning for, mitigating, and managing risk.

Physician Scheduling Management SaaS Company

Trusted by 100+ hospitals in Canada, USA, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Here’s how we develop great websites.

Our Approach

Website Strategy Development

Defining the website’s visual and content tone and key messaging to guide the design and content development. Creating a sitemap outlining the key pages of your website. Uncovering key phrases or keywords that are important to add to the website.

Design Theme Development

Designing the homepage and a critical interior page based on the website strategy and final copy for these two pages to help you get a real understanding of the website’s look and feel and content tone.

Content Development

Developing content for the website, such as website copy, images, photos, and videos with the website strategy and design theme in mind. It also involves creating engaging headlines, copyediting, and proofing.

Website Production, Testing, and Training

Producing the complete website using the approved design theme and content. Testing the web page elements thoroughly to make sure that the website works smoothly post-launch. Giving basic training to the client to help them use the website backend post-handover.

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