Results Matter.

And we bring 'em.

Eye-catching branding. Targeted marketing plans. Understanding our clients’ business. Over the years, these three Upstream strengths have been the basis for generating excellent business results for our clients.

Success Story • North Atlantic

We worked with North Atlantic to target residential and commercial heating fuel customers with a variety of targeted marketing tactics. We also focussed on branding North Atlantic as a local provider selling local product. Comparing year-over-year Q3 results, North Atlantic reported an 84% increase in new propane accounts.

Success Story • Marine Institute

The Fisheries & Marine Institute of Memorial University came to us with an identity problem and slumping application numbers. Our work involved rebranding the organization to make it appealing to students, commercial clients and stakeholders. The marketing was a major success and drove application submissions up by 32%!

Success Story • Anthony Insurance

Make the phones ring. That was the assignment we were given by Anthony Insurance and we did just that. In just 7 years, through a brand refresh and integrated marketing plan, we helped the organization increase its policy count by 113%. Now, that’s a lot of phone calls!

Success Story • CAPP

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers hired us to help them change the way people viewed the oil and gas industry in Eastern Canada. Putting a local face on the industry was at the heart of our marketing strategy and it worked. In just 4 years, polling showed that perceptions had improved by 47%.

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