So why do marketing managers love working with Upstream?

We get it. Fast.

It’s true, we bring insight in a timely fashion. And history has shown that we’re pretty incredible at going from zero to a big picture marketing strategy that gets you grinning about the future. Take the time we increased MI applications by 33% for example!

We do it all.

Specialties are nice, but we’ve found our niche by doing it all. And we’ve done a lot of everything, especially for Jeff at North Atlantic, from designing uniforms and crafting brand campaigns to writing nozzle talkers and building a porta-potty (no joke). Bottom line? We’re a full service agency with a multi-talented team and our fingers in everything.

We're down the hall.

We’re not the fastest growing agency in the world and our clients love us for it. The truth is we have a select roster of clients which means you’ll be the center of our world. In fact, working with us will feel like you’ve got an internal marketing department down the hall (just ask Jill at CAPP).

We're lean and mean.

Brace yourself. We do not have a bricks and mortar HQ. It turns out doing great work in 2018 doesn’t require everyone to be in the same building all day, every day. Translated? We’ve cut the fluff and can make your marketing budget go further. Way further.

We're in it for the long haul.

Let’s face it, real success takes time. We’ve proven this to be true and that’s why we’re after marketing managers looking for a serious relationship. And the long haul can really pay off! Just ask Peter about the graph-busting growth at Anthony Insurance.

It works.

Over the course of the 21st century, we’ve racked up a few success stories. For proof, have a peek at our Results page, or ask to speak with the marketing managers we serve. After all, they are our biggest fans.

The first step to incredibleness?

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