A SaaS company with big growth plans that recognized that their branding and marketing needed a revamp.

Brand Strategy

First, we set the brand strategy. How, you ask? Through lean and mean primary and secondary research.


With this data, we identified the target personas (Department Chiefs & Administrators) and centred the brand positioning, brand personality and key messaging around what the target personas really care about — getting out from under the scourge of physician scheduling so they can spend more time on higher yield activities that help their hospital departments reach their full potential.

Brand Design

Next, we explored ways to enhance MetricAid’s brand with the goal of making a stronger first impression with their target audience. In other words, we set out to give the brand a “new car smell.”


First, we explored new colour palette options. Then, we captured new photography to reflect the company’s unique culture and indie sensibilities, as well as to capture a broader range of imagery that featured the target audience using their software in the real world.

Website Design & Development

Our first step on the new website project was to lay out MetricAid’s new service offerings. MetricAid had added two new service levels to the mix and we were tasked with figuring out how to present them all cohesively.


Custom web design was next, followed by writing the site’s content and developing the site. Built on Squarespace, the final product is a beauty to behold and several light years ahead in terms of presenting MetricAid’s solution, team, value proposition and awesome-sauce.

Explainer Videos

We all agreed MetricAid needed new explainer videos for a couple key reasons.


First, the videos needed to speak to the people that benefited most from the solution — Department Chiefs & Administrators.


Secondly, they needed to introduce MetricAid’s new service levels. Using straightforward language and a light-hearted tone, we produced 4 explainer videos that MetricAid can show prospects on its website, in trade-shows, in Zoom meetings, in elevators, on airplanes, on rickshaws. You get the idea.



A testimonial from Les, the CEO.

Upstream has been great for us. Over the years we’ve been through a half dozen marketing firms that overpromised, and never put in the work to understand my company, my staff and most importantly, my customers.  Joe and his team were great to work with; they were fun, engaging, responsive and delivered on everything they promised.


Upstream produced a suite of digital marketing tools for us (website, videos, ads, blog posts) that have increased inbound sales opportunities by over 400% in under a year.


I’m happy to say that we’ve finally found our long-term partner in marketing, after years of searching.


– Les Blackwell, CEO, MetricAid