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We provide creative production services to help Energy companies elevate their internal and external communications.

Stakeholder & Investor Engagement

Communicating key milestones, technological, environmental, cultural, and social achievements, presenting new projects, and promoting the progress of current projects are crucial to engage stakeholders and investors. Upstream stands out in making these communications more engaging with creative design and compelling messaging. Examples include a compelling, cinematic video for ExxonMobil Canada showcasing Hebron’s digital innovation, and communications collateral for Husky Energy (now ‘Cenovus’), introducing the West White Rose Project to stakeholders and the public.

Community Engagement & Awareness

Anchoring our clients’ brands in people’s hearts—that’s the essence of community engagement, evoking appreciation, joy, excitement, fun, empathy, and compassion. Upstream excels in fostering these connections. From developing an aspirational video celebrating Hibernia’s remarkable milestone of producing 1,000,000,000 barrels of oil to creating event collateral for a media event hosted by North Sun Energy Orangestore, announcing its sponsorship of the 2025 Canada Games Torch Relay. Our task? To instill pride and excitement about the 2025 Canada Games while showcasing Orangestore’s role as a Torch Relay sponsor and its deep community roots.


We designed an engaging Career Viewbook for Husky Energy (now Cenovus), showcasing diverse onshore and offshore career opportunities in the Atlantic Region, along with associated educational requirements. In revitalizing the Marine Institute’s brand in 2013, we highlighted careers such as Marine Environmental Technologist, featuring alumni’s global adventures from the Arctic to Africa. This creative approach not only captured the essence of MI’s unique programs but also significantly increased applications. Effective recruitment communications help attract both high-quality talent to a company and interest in specific professions.

Vendor Engagement

Creative production services are essential in corporate communications to engage vendors effectively. Tailored visual content and professional materials capture attention, convey key messages clearly, and reinforce brand identity, fostering stronger, more productive vendor relationships. We offer creative production services to help meet all objectives, from finding new vendors to vendor training and relationship building. We welcome projects of all scales—whether you need a simple designed invite or a high-production, engaging video, we are your trusted partner.

Customer Engagement

Not enough emphasis can be placed on the importance of compelling corporate communications collateral in engaging customers. Engineers create exceptional products, and effective communication presents them with a strong first impression. Upstream excels in distilling product features into engaging messaging that resonates with target audiences, complemented by creative designs that leave a lasting impression. We’ve developed comprehensive collateral from videos to handouts and step-and-repeats for companies like SubC Imaging and Duxion Motors, enhancing their technology presentations to captivate their audiences effectively.

Employee Engagement

Effective internal corporate communications are crucial for training, development, building environmental, safety, and cultural awareness, and driving employee retention. We’ve produced impactful videos, including a series featuring individuals who survived workplace injuries and stories of offshore workers and their families expressing pride in their team’s accomplishments. While we tackle substantial projects, no job is too small. As the Agency of Record for North Atlantic, we manage large projects annually and provide creative production services for all internal and external corporate communication needs, such as designing retail event and Fall Retreat invites.

Other Services

We also offer services such as brand design, including logos, business cards, letterheads, PowerPoint templates, email signatures, website design, and more. Recent examples include our work with North Sun Energy and Terra Velo Solutions. In 2023, North Atlantic’s gas and convenience network expanded into Nova Scotia and PEI in partnership with Petro-Canada, leading to the creation of North Sun Energy. We designed a modern and timeless brand identity for them. For Terra Velo Solutions, a new trailblazing transportation company, we delivered a strong and bold brand identity to reflect its mission to move transportation forward.

About Us

We are a creative agency based on the ruggedly beautiful island of Newfoundland in eastern Canada. Founded in 2006, we serve clients across Canada and the USA in industries including Technology, Energy, Insurance, Charity Organizations, Tourism, and Education. Our work in the energy sector began in 2012 when we were first hired as CAPP’s marketing partner in Newfoundland & Labrador. Since then, we’ve executed numerous creative production projects, both offshore and onshore, from Canada to the USA and as far as Norway. We’ve also completed safety and survival training to perform photography and filming on offshore installations like Hibernia and the SeaRose for various creative production projects.

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